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damaged roof with missing shingles

Get Your Roof Inspected Regularly to Reduce Costly Pest Damage

No matter the age of your house, small areas of damage can quickly lead to costly damage. Getting your roof inspected can give you information about pests that might not be visible to you. A seasonal inspection of your roof can save you a great deal of expense and disruption down the road.

Mammalian Pests

There are many animals that can make a home in your attic and cause a lot of damage over time. Squirrels, mice and rats can get into your roof through very small holes; even a knot hole in an older piece of trim can become a chewing point for rodents under your roof.

Once inside, these critters will create a haven for themselves in your insulation. Because these nests often include their own waste, you may be stuck dealing with a lot of very dirty material, odors and even ceiling damage before you notice these pests.

Other mammals that will make themselves a home under your roof by damaging the roof or the trim include raccoons and bats. Dealing with bats in a small attic can quickly become dangerous, and a cornered raccoon can be vicious. Get an inspector to take a look so you can contact the best pest professional for your situation.

Insect Pests

There are insects that ingest wood and insects that simply take up residence in rotting wood. A quality roof inspector can help you find both. Termites and carpenter ants will quickly create themselves a home in wood that is either porous or damp. Once that wet wood has been invaded, other pests, such as wasps and hornets, will make a home there.

If you’ve recently purchased a home and you aren’t sure of the age of the roof, you’ll need to get an inspector out to get an idea of the condition. Multiple layers of roofing material may have been added over the years, but insects will chew their way out with time.

Your inspector may need to check out the space from inside and out. Make sure your inspector can access both the attic and the roof from above. If your house is older and has a steeply pitched roof, be aware that they may need to mount security hooks to safely scale your roof.

No matter how long you’ve owned your Norman, OK home, a thorough roof inspection by Washita Roofing & Construction can protect your investment, so call us today. Knowing what repairs you may face in the coming seasons can help you plan ahead to keep your home secure and snug against invading pests.