Central Oklahoma Roof Inspections

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Thorough Roof Inspections in Norman, OK

In Norman, a roof inspection is a comprehensive examination of all parts of your roof by a licensed professional. Each roof is different, but most have similar components that need to be inspected on a regular basis, including the ventilation system, the flashing around the chimneys and other junctures, the shingles, the fascia and the gutters. Roof inspections are intended to find any minor problems with the roof before they become something more serious. Our goal is always to keep homeowners on track with roof inspections, so what could have been a simple roof repair doesn’t snowball into an emergency roof replacement.

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When to Call for a Roof Inspection

There are a few key points at which you should always call for roof inspection. These include the following:

Why Roof Inspections Matter

Roof inspections are one of the most requested services we offer at Washita Roofing & Construction. This is because they are extremely beneficial to our customers. If they still seem superfluous to you, keep reading for a few reasons why roof inspections are important to preserve the longevity and value of your roof.

Increases Longevity

Annual roof inspections in Norman, OK will increase the length of the life of your roof. No matter the materials your roof is made out of, regular attention and maintenance from a professional roofing contractor ensures that problems are caught early and often. A small hole or leak is much easier to fix than mold or rotting wood. Sometimes, if left too long without inspections, a roof will require full replacement, and our goal is to help you avoid that until your roof reaches the end of its natural lifespan.

Improves Cost and Energy Efficiency

Did you know that your roof insulates your home? Depending on the materials it’s made out of, a quality, well-maintained roof will actually lower your heating and cooling costs, as well as your energy usage. Roof inspections in Norman are critical to ensure your home is as efficient as possible.

Enhances Safety

Your home becomes unsafe if regular inspections are not performed. Loose shingles, gutters or flashing could fall. Your home’s interior may also be at risk if the roof begins to sag or mold grows.

Saves Money on Repairs

Small roof repairs are much less costly than a major roof repair. And, if your roof’s structural stability is neglected for too long, a full roof replacement may be required. Investing annually in the relatively small cost of a roof inspection will save you money in the long run.

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