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Essential Safety Tips for Roofing Projects

A damaged roof requires prompt attention, as delays could lead to more serious property damage. In fact, water damage, structural issues, and pest infestations are a few of the concerns related to a damaged roof. If you want to save money on a roof replacement project, you may be thinking about doing the work yourself. Before you start the project, take time to learn about critical safety recommendations to avoid serious injury.

Invest in Safety Gear

Your roof may be a dozen or even a few dozen feet above the ground, and falling from that height can result in significant injuries. More than that, the roof could be pitched at a sharp angle, adding to the risk of a fall. Your work requires you to be on this surface all day, hammering, pulling, moving materials, and more. Because the risk of falling is significant, you need to wear a harness at all times as well as a hard hat. Ensure that you know how to use the safety gear properly so that it performs as intended in the event of a mishap.

Wear the Right Clothing

Between your exposure to the elements, bending and stooping for hours on end, working with various tools, and being at an elevated incline, it’s essential that you wear the right clothes for the job. You should have nonslip work boots on. Pants and a long-sleeved shirt are recommended even on the hottest days of the year. These can keep you from getting sunburned and minimize injury if you slip down the roof. On chilly days, you need a warm jacket or thick over-shirt. However, your clothing shouldn’t be baggy. Baggy clothes increase the risk of a fall and can also get caught in your work equipment.

Pay Attention to the Weather

When working on your roof, you’ll be exposed to the weather conditions for long periods of time and for at least several days. Roof shingles tend to absorb heat, making it much hotter on the roof than it is on the ground. This exposes you to dehydration and heat sickness. On cold days, wind and ice are major concerns. These conditions increase the risk of a fall. If a storm moves in, you should get off the roof immediately. Rain makes the roof slick, and lightning strikes can be deadly. The weather forecast changes quickly, so keep tabs on it throughout the day.

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