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A Modified Bitumen Roof Uses Heat to Create a Single, Continuous Barrier

The material that goes into a modified bitumen roof has a very long lifespan. When properly maintained, these flat roofs can last for more than 20 years. However, UV damage and storms can end the life of any roof. If you’re considering a modified bitumen roof repair, consider the advantages and disadvantages below.

Advantages of Modified Bitumen Roof Repair

If the majority of the roof membrane is in good shape and continuous, then adding a membrane patch can prevent material loss and water damage. Your roof will need careful review before you decide whether to patch or replace it, however.

The membrane material that makes up a modified bitumen roof can start to degrade with age. If you have only a few spots that need to be patched, it may make sense to clean or scrape away any worn materials and add a large patch. Then, seal the entire patch with a new top coat of waterproof and UV-resistant materials.

While you’re getting your modified bitumen roof checked out, make sure you also have your drainage system inspected. Water weighs 8 pounds per gallon. Even the strongest roof, under the weight of standing water that can’t drain, can be damaged by moisture exposure and excess weight. To make sure your building and your roof survive Midwestern storms, some of which can release a great deal of rain, get your drainage checked on a regular basis.

Disadvantages of Modified Bitumen Roof Repair

An old roof may simply be hard to clean well enough to support the adherence of a new patch. If your roof has been the victim of a serious hailstorm, there may be enough dings and divots to make patching the roof an impractical choice.

Be aware that bitumen roofs can be resurfaced by torching. If you’re not ready to apply an entirely new membrane, you may be able to remove a layer of degrading and storm-damaged membrane with heat. At that point, the surface may be able to be patched and resealed for a watertight seal.

Work with a skilled professional if you’re planning to apply heat to a modified bitumen roof. Applying a torch to any roofing material will take a great deal of skill; the membrane has a higher heat tolerance than the wooden decking of any roof. Improperly managed, this can result in a roof fire!

If you’ve got a flat roof in Norman, OK that’s in need of modified bitumen roof repair, reach out to Washita Roofing & Construction for a thorough inspection and a repair estimate.