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5 Ways Roof Inspections Save You Money and Reduce Risk

Keeping an eye on your rooftop can be a big deal for your bottom line. Regular roof inspections aren’t the most exciting part of home or business ownership, but they can be a very valuable maintenance practice. There are plenty of substantial ways that inspections save you money and reduce overall property risks.

1. Prevent Progressive Damage

The most important reason to get professional roof inspections is to identify and mitigate sources of progressive damage. Even one or two missing shingles can expose more vulnerable materials to the elements, which then increases the risk of losing more of the protective layer and the material beneath. The idea is to make minor repairs right now instead of major repairs down the road.

2. Keep Water Out

It doesn’t take much of an opening to let a lot of water into a house. Even a regular trickle of water in the walls, attic, or between the layers of the roofing can allow for mold growth and major wood rot. Inspecting your roof on a regular basis is one of the best ways to prevent and mitigate water damage before it becomes an expensive problem.

3. Identify Pest Infiltration

Insects are a common pest in every part of the United States, and there are plenty of other animals that can cause a mess in your home, too. Termites and other insects that cause structural damage are usually the first priority when it comes to pest prevention. However, bees, wasps, ants, and squirrels are just a few of the creatures that can take advantage of an opening in your roof.

4. Reduce Energy Costs

Maintaining a healthy roof has a huge impact on the building’s insulation score. This can be a primary factor in determining energy costs in the height of summer or depth of winter. Therefore, it’s one of the biggest ways roof inspections can save you money throughout the year.

5. Maintain Insurance Requirements

Not needing to worry about insurance requirements is another reason to consider getting a professional eye on your roof once in a while. If you know your roof is in good shape, then you don’t need to worry as much about needing to make quick fixes before upgrading or changing a policy.

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