The Clues to Your Roof’s Health Could Be in Your Attic

Top of a house

Houses must be maintained, and the roof is one of the most significant failure points for any house. If your roof fails, your entire house will be in big trouble in short order. To protect your roof, you need to make routine inspections that include checking your attic for clues to your roof’s condition. Signs […]

A Modified Bitumen Roof Uses Heat to Create a Single, Continuous Barrier

roof of a commercial building

The material that goes into a modified bitumen roof has a very long lifespan. When properly maintained, these flat roofs can last for more than 20 years. However, UV damage and storms can end the life of any roof. If you’re considering a modified bitumen roof repair, consider the advantages and disadvantages below. Advantages of […]

Protecting Your Roof and Home

Roof line of house

A home is a huge investment. However, unlike other kinds of investments, work must be done from time to time protect and maintain your home. This certainly includes the roof, one of the key components that makes your house a shelter. You need to work to maintain your roof throughout the year. Below are some […]